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As a commercial energy broker, Appletree Value provide a procurement service based on transparency and honesty to source the best value contract for you, our customer.

We understand that the best price is not always the same as long-term value, and we acknowledge how the changing regulatory requirements and third party charges can add unseen costs to your business further down the line during a contract. We take the time at the beginning of a relationship to fully understand your energy requirements.
We will then work with suppliers across the utility market to identify the product offerings most suited to your business. This ensures the benefits and risks of the products being offered are understood so that you can plan effectively for the entire contracting period knowing you have the correct mix of price and service.


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Renewable energy is available from certain suppliers on request.

We want to work with you on a relationship basis, keeping you informed and managing expectations but not being intrusive. It’s important that you feel engaged during the process, right up to agreeing a sensible contact strategy together. As well as procurement we can also offer a new connections service for Gas and Electricity, where we hand hold throughout the whole process for you.

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