As a commercial electricity broker Appletree Value provide a procurement service that is based on transparency and honesty to source the best value contract for our customers.

We understand that the best price is not always the same as long-term value, as the changing regulatory requirements and third party charges as an example can add unseen costs further down the line during a contract. There are many different charges that make up the electricity price and Appletree can give you the confidence that the contract you choose will be suitable for your needs. At the beginning of a relationship we will spend the time to fully understand our customer’s energy requirements. We will then work with suppliers across the utility market picking the products most suited to their business, ensuring the benefits and risks of the products being offered are clearly understood. Our customers can then be comfortable that the entire contract period has the correct mix of price and service for their business.

Suppliers We Work With

As industry specialists we can save you time, stress and consequently find the supplier that best suits your business requirements using our relationships across the market.