Appletree Value Limited was started in 2016 by Richard Robey. As the owner of the fast growing business energy brokerage, Appletree, we are now bringing improved value and advice to SME’s in the UK when they purchase their energy. Recently extended to providing water supply brokerage, Appletree is all about giving customers a choice of supplier and building a trusting relationship around honesty and transparency for the long term.

In the words of Director, Richard Robey…

“In my many years of senior sales and marketing management in the UK I have seen the good and the not so good brokered contracts; unfortunately, there are some of the latter. The deal struck has to be right for the customer first in my view. Often the strategic advice and follow up service is far from adequate. I’ve seen business owners and managers feeling frustrated and sometimes they just don’t know that they could get a better deal.

Energy procurement and the options can be complex. It’s the nature of the industry and UK Regulation. It can leave quite a lot of room for the SME to fail in terms of getting the right deal for them. Having been on the supplier side for very many years, I’ve watched how brokered procurement often operates in practice at first hand.

Appletree is in business to change all of that! Our ethic is to bat for the customer at all times! It’s my business and I am bringing nearly 20 years’ experience of the supplier and industry relationships to the party not to mention the experience of my people. We’re going to help SMEs ‘demand more’!”

A bit about our background…

Richard has had a successful management career in several industries but notably the last 20 years have been in the Utilities industry. During his time in the Industry Richard was responsible, as Sales and Marketing Director, for the sales growth of Haven Power.

Haven started out as a supplier of business electricity to SME customers focusing on competitive products underpinned by great customer service. After the purchase of Haven by Drax power in 2009 Haven decided to enter the Industrial and Commercial market offering products and services for larger and more complex customers whilst continuing to expand their SME customer base. As a member of the Haven Board Richard contributed both strategically and operationally to the exponential growth of Haven, generating a sales turnover of £1.3bn in 2016.
Through their innovative strategy, their outstanding customer service reputation and sales plan implementation Haven’s growth made them the 4th largest HH supplier in the UK by volume surpassing the size of Scottish Power and British Gas. During that time, Haven Power won the industry’s prestigious SME supplier of the year and Supplier of the year on two occasions.